image In just under two weeks my husband, son and I will be moving to New York. I thought that starting a blog that my friends and family can read and comment on, might be a good way to keep in touch and show what we are getting up to in New York.

Now this is my first time trying to write a blog and the technology is a little daunting and kind of difficult to understand, so please forgive any errors while I get my head around how to use the blog site and publish my blogs for people so see.

I hope you enjoy reading about our life in New York! I can’t promise that every post will be new and exciting, but I’ll certainly try to make some interesting reading!

Bye for now……

About mylee

Hi, I'm an Aussie living in New York with my husband and two sons and tam using this as a cool way for my friends and family to keep in touch and find out what we are doing.
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5 comments on “Hi!

  1. Good luck with your move Mylee! I can’t believe it’s all happening so soon. I look forward to reading about your adventures in New York and hopefully soon we’ll come visit 🙂 If you need any help settling in (or with your blog) just let me know xx

    • Thanks sally!

      I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions for you! This is all so new. We spent a fair whack of time on it last night!

      Can’t work out how people can subscribe to it yet….

  2. Let the journey begin! We’ll miss you guys heaps but we’re looking forward to hearing about your adventures.