Central Park Zoo

A month ago we headed to the Central Park Zoo. Central Park Zoo is a small zoo on the north east corner of Central Park. It doesn’t match the Bronx Zoo in terms of size and variety of animals, but it has a charm all of its own, especially being part of Central Park.

From outside the zoo you can see the sea lions exhibit and it is also the first thing you see once you enter the zoo. Although our first stop was to see the penguins being fed, we couldn’t help but stop and check out the sea lions, especially when they were being so playful!




Knox was asleep in the pram when we arrived at the penguin exhibit. Given that no prams were allowed inside, I waited outside with Knox. It was great that Knox woke up before the penguin feeding started. Both Tate and Knox loved watching such interactive penguins – who weren’t afraid of getting up close to them so that they could have a real good look at each other through the glass.





After the penguins we walked around looking at other exhibits including birds, snow monkeys and red pandas. The snow monkey was a little bit hard to see. You really had to be in the right place at the right time to get a good close up look!




On our way to one of the exhibits they had an example of the Ibex’s skeleton and some footprints. Tate checked out how his hand compared!



The last stop of the day was the sea lion show. We were able to watch them get fed and do a few tricks.



There is also a children’s zoo that we didn’t make it to this time, but I’m sure we will visit the zoo again soon enough!

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