Governors Island Mini Golf

As mentioned in the previous post, on the parade ground at Governors Island there is free mini golf for everyone to enjoy. This is an artist designed golf course and the seventh annual one on Governors Island. This year’s theme was “New York City Now” and is also part of Figment (which I mentioned in the previous post).

Tate had never tried mini golf before, so he was intrigued and eager to give the course ago. And with help from Richard he was able to complete the course and get the ball in the hole each time – sometimes with help and sometimes by himself.

Here is a look at Tate enjoying his first encounter with mini golf:

Hole number one:



Tate was very excited and proud of himself when he got his ball in the first hole!

This one was called “Original Rays” and was a pizza!

Hole number two skipped due to busyness!

Hole number 3:



Called “Monument Monsters” and represents the relationship New Yorkers have with the city’s architecture.

Looking at Tate trying to get the ball under the H structure I’m not sure if it helped to be short or if it’d be easier being taller and just not try to look underneath!

Hole 4:


I think this one was a very cute one for Tate to try out and I think he thought so too!


This one is called “City Bikes” and as the name suggests it explores biking as a transportation option in New York City. Biking can certainly be a more efficient option at times, especially when traffic is very busy and so are the subways!

Hole number 5:


This one is called “First Amendment”.

Hole number 6:


Called “A TALE of TWO CITIES”. Such an excellent hole designed by students at Brownsville’s Middle School for Art and Philosophy.

Hole number 7:



This one is called “HOODS and WOODS” and is dedicated to urban/community gardens.

Hole number 8:

This one was quite tricky, as you will see from the photos!



Called “Billion Oyster Project”.

Hole number 9


This one was called “Attack of King Kristy” and had a gorilla reminiscent of King Kong at the end. Tate really liked this one and it is pretty obvious why!

Hole number 10:

This was the last hole and quite aptly named “Sayonara”.


Tate had so much fun playing mini golf that I have no doubt that he is eager to try again soon!

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