Last weekend

Last weekend we took quite a few cute pictures with the kids, so I thought I’d share them with you all on the blog.

On Saturday there was a winter sports festival in Central Park called Winter Jam. Although there was an opportunity to try a range of winter sports, there really was only one thing that was doable for a 1 and 3 year old. Sledding! Tate had an excellent time sledding down the hill all on his own! Knox had a few goes with Richard but he really didn’t show whether he enjoyed it or not!




The Winter Jam was supposed to manufacture some snow if there wasn’t any on the day. To my surprise, over night it snowed! It wasn’t in the forecast the last time I looked. Winter Jam may have needed to put in some effort to make that hill for sledding (there isn’t a hill there normally!), but they certainly didn’t need to make any snow for the occasion.


On Sunday we decided to head to Chelsea Market to have a wander around and then have lunch. Because we got there early our first stop was for some yummy hot chocolate at Amy’s Bread. Strangely Knox didn’t even want to give it a go and instead ate cashews. Tate on the other hand loved it!


Then we wandered around the markets, checking out different shops – buying a few different things for cooking: dried fruits and sauces for curries and get ideas about where we might want to have our lunch.



Before having lunch we headed across the road to a park for the kids to wander around and get some fresh air. We then headed over to have a look at the Hudson River.


Can you guess whose feet these are?


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