Goodbye Field Station Dinosaurs.

Playing around on the internet looking for things to do; I happened to notice that Field Station Dinosaurs would be closing in September 2015. According to news articles it was closing in order for a high tech high school to be built on the same spot. Of course, Field Station Dinosaurs is hoping to open again in an alternative space. We decided to head there before it closed, so the kids could enjoy the dinosaurs one last time.



The first dinosaur, as you may recall from our previous visit, is pretty scary. We had forgotten just how scary it can be and didn’t think of how Knox may react. He was terrified. I really do hope that the scream that traveled all the way through to the entry, will have made the workers reconsider the order of the dinosaurs. The scariest dinosaur most certainly shouldn’t be the first one!



Knox didn’t warm up to the dinosaurs until we got to the ones that he considered ‘baby dinosaurs’. He loved them and kept wanting to go back!



After lunch we watched some performances. Tate and Knox really enjoyed joining in and meeting a baby Heterodontosaurus and a T-Rex.



Walking around the park certainly wasn’t easy for me. I was still on strict orders of no weight baring after the surgery and was walking around using (what I like to call) a peg leg. There were some fun steep sections and lots of stones to dodge and try not to fall over!


Last stop was to see the 3D movie. Sadly though we had already seen it before. That being said, Tate and Knox enjoyed seeing it again.


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