Fun in Japan!

Wow Japan has been busy! Too busy to write about our adventures!

I’ll start now by writing about Monday and Tuesday.

We went to some lovely gardens in Shinjuku called Shinjuku Koen. Very pretty, well manicured gardens. Tate loved looking at fish in the ponds. Very, very big fish compared to what he’s used to seeing in our fish tank!


The gardens have a lot of lovely sections to look at including a greenhouse.


Tate also made some friends on the subway! It didn’t seem to matter that they couldn’t speak to each other! It was so cute to watch two older Japanese boys playing with Tate. Tate would point and touch their hands and they loved it. Big smiles all around.

Tuesday we met Dan and Giulio for lunch in Rippongi Hills. Tate enjoyed wondering around while we waited for Dan and then Giulio. Poor love hurt his lip falling over but was all smiles 5 minutes later. His lip looked worse for wear though for a few days!

After enjoying a yummy meal of Hainan chicken rice we left Giulio and Dan and went for a trip to some more gardens.

Tate holding as many rocks as he can fit in his hands!

Tate holding as many rocks as he can fit in his hands!

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8 comments on “Fun in Japan!

  1. Mylee and Tate, I wonder if Tate can fit 20 rocks in his hands. It looks like you are having fun. I am going on a camp to Narnu farm but first we are going to the wooden playground. Then we are going to Narnu Farm. I love you. I miss you. Love Luka

    • Hi Luka,

      I think 5 rocks was all Tate could hold! I hope you enjoy camp. I’d love to hear all about it when you get back. We love you and miss you too! xxoo love Mylee & Tate

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a great time in Japan. Tate looks gorgeous as always. Miss you xx

    • Hi Bec. Japan has been great! We just arrived in NY today! I’ll have to post about it tomorrow. Miss you too xxx

  3. I can just see Tate and the Japanese kids playing together on the train. I’m sure they were mutually in awe of each other. I remember when we were in India Ava was playing with some local kids in a little village. They couldn’t speak to each other but they were intrigued by her blonde hair and blue eyes and she was just as intrigued by them. I’ve got the cutest pictures of them sitting together eating candy 🙂

    • I tried to get some photos too but was a difficult thing to do discreetly on a moving and busy train!

  4. Howdy. I would have loved to see Tate & his little friends. Your break sounds lovely. I hope you guys are not too jet lagged & that Richard wasn’t too tired for his first day at work.

    Loads of love,

    • Poor Tate is struggling to sleep. It’s currently 3:30 am and the poor thing has woken up crying every hour! I think Richard will be exhausted for his first day of work!