Moving to our new apartment

As you may be aware, last Saturday was the big day. We moved into our new apartment! Woohoo! After the stress of trying to find an apartment, we had finally succeeded and were moving in.

For anyone not aware of the rental market in New York, it is pretty crazy. There are soooo many people looking for apartments and even though it looks like there are quite a few available there certainly aren’t when you think of the amount of people looking. Adding to that, this time of year is the hardest because college graduates are moving to New York to start their first job.

For foreigners extra complexity exists because, in order to apply for an apartment, you require a credit history. And as foreigners newly arrived to New York, you don’t have an American credit history. So it took us applying for 3 separate apartments run by different management companies before we got approved! I guess it could have been worse, but that was certainly stressful enough.

So, Saturday we moved in. This meant walking all our luggage, 2 prams and other bits and pieces we’d accumulated 10 blocks. This took 3 trips. We decided it a) wasn’t worth a taxi; and b) would have required more than 1 taxi anyway.

Given all our belongings and furniture is being shipped we ordered a portacot for Tate and an air bed for us and a multi cooker (slow cooker, rice cooker and pressure cooker combined) to be here when we arrived. So we could cook, eat and sleep. All the essentials!

The view from our apartment window! It's foggy today.....

The view from our apartment window! It’s foggy today…..

More fog and more of the view!

More fog and more of the view!

Richard also organised a few surprises for Tate as well. Two new toys to play with in his new home. He has especially enjoyed his ABC puzzle.

Richard and Tate checking out the ABC puzzle for the first time!

Richard and Tate checking out the ABC puzzle for the first time!

Tate showing mummy he knows what the letter is!

Tate showing mummy he knows what the letter is!

The week before we moved in to our new apartment we also organised a sofa bed for us to sleep on until our stuff arrives in New York and also for visitors in the long term. This arrived on Tuesday. Unfortunately the dining table we also ordered will take 6-8 weeks! So will probably arrive at the same time as the ship. We are currently eating on the floor with a box for a table!

The view from the couch last night.

The view from the couch last night.

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7 comments on “Moving to our new apartment

  1. What a fantastic view you have!
    So glad you finally got your apartment. Fingers crossed we find something soon too. Berkeley being a university town we also have to compete with students for housing. Plus that whole being a foreigner thing doesn’t help – even when you do finally get a credit rating two years down the track!

    • It is a nice view! If you look really closely you can see the trees of Central Park! We are not that far away!

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed you find a place soon! xx

  2. Hi Hun, it all sounds very hectic but very exciting. I love the views u have. I hope u are all well and can’t wait to hear your next instalment. Hope ur things arrive quickly xxxx

    • Hi Kerry,

      Thanks for your message! I’m glad we’ve finally got an apartment to settle into but unfortunately our stuff Wong reach port in NY till the second of July. A while to wait! Hope you guys are well xxoo

  3. Hi Mylee, that’s exciting -maybe it’s the kind of thing that is really uncomfortable at the time, but you look back and go ahhhhh…. They were the days! Have you had much time to explore your neighbourhood?

  4. Ohh my gosh Mylee the views from your apartment are nothing short of amazing!! How is it all going aside from what sounds to be having very limited belongings. How are you travelling with the pregnancy? It certainly looks from the photos as though little Tate is settling in quite nicely. Miss you xx

    • Hey danni,

      Things are good here. We can’t wait to get our shipping. It’s rather weird using a cardboard box for a table and eating of the floor (LOL). Can’t believe I’m still managing to get up and down being over 8 months pregnant!

      The pregnancy is good. Only 4 weeks to go!! Fingers crossed we get our shipping before bubs comes, otherwise I’ll need to go on a bit of a shopping trip for some clothes and such for the interim.

      How are you? I hope you are well xxooo