Tate’s new friend

Tate and I thought you’d like to be introduced to Tate’s new friend. He met him on Sunday at a playground in Central Park. Tate was instantly besotted by him and was happy to share his Goldfish crackers.




It was the cutest thing! Tate gave him at least four goldfish crackers which he was happy to grab off the wall right in front of Tate and then would move a little and eat it. Tate would have continued feeding the Squirrel if we hadn’t told him to stop and that the Squirrel was likely full. Four goldfish crackers are an awful lot for such a tiny creature!

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Hi, I'm an Aussie living in New York with my husband and two sons and tam using this as a cool way for my friends and family to keep in touch and find out what we are doing.

4 comments on “Tate’s new friend

  1. Cute! My girls love feeding the squirrels here in Berkeley too.
    They tried feeding the squirrels we saw in Canada too but those were a little less used to people and ran away as soon as we got close.

    • This was the first time we’ve tried to feed them. Tate’s so lucky it worked! He loved it!

  2. Very cute! Kallan says he wants to go to America so he can play with Tate everyday and meet a squirrel, they are his favourite animals.

    Xx Jaz